Korun is member of a race of sentient weapons known as Hexblades. Currently he is sealed within the sickles carried by Mortarion Vaan. These sickles are made of an unkown black iron-like metal with dull red cloth wraps on the handles. Several white runes of sealing can be found running down the middle of the blades - the language is unknown to most. One interesting thing to note is that when cutting flesh the sickles do not become bloodied; it is almost as if the blades themselves are consuming the blood as soon as it touches the blade...

In its unleashed form, Korun retains the black iron-like metal for much of its construction, with a bleached bone demon skull and a portion of its spine serving as a connection between the blade head to the shaft. The 'tail' has several spiked bone protrusions. A large glowing red eye stands out against the dark black metal, peering out from the demons maw.

Korun Sickle

Korun in Dual Sickle form.

Korun Scythe

Korun in its unleashed Scythe form.

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