Nip is a Goblin Barbarian, He is played by Luke.

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I'm Nip!

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Appearance Edit

Standing significantly shorter than his companions, Nip barely makes 3'0. He wears very little clothing, as is customary for a marauder (formerly) in a Goblin clan. He never had any hair worth speaking of, his head bald since birth.

Personality Edit

Having turned from his clan in refusal to continue that way of life, Nip seeks, in his own unique and naive way to become a hero and be remembered for being a good Goblin. The death that's surrounded him since his joining the group has prompted him to turn to the gods (specifically Naneth & the Allmother), so that they may help him make better decisions for the groups continued existence.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Nip hails from a rudimental goblin settlement, which he left after a difference of opinion about what their people should be doing. Making his way to Cogswald he was captured by some mercenaries. Awaking in a cage he heard a group entering the building he was trapped within and used brute strength to break out and join them in their fight. Confronted not long afterwards by Taelith, seemingly the person this group were after, they were nonetheless overwhelmed by her and her ally, to the point where Yue died. Resolving to take care of her when they'd gained more strength, the group busied themself with working to help the local temple in the aftermath of an attack which resulted in the death of Karinth and Orro going missing.

Exploring the catacombs under the temple led to some less than ideal situations, such as Aiko being trapped in a room which Nip narrowly escaped from, and nearly being killed as a result. From there, they found a room with bags which made Zellah disappear into thin air and then encountered a Minotaur, which they eventually had to fight, with Mortarion landed the killing blow, though Lillian died and was reborn in the process. Continuing on, Nip sought help from Naneth, and eventually received it against a dragon that Mortarion had provoked. As such, he managed to land the killing blow, and save the lives of the group, other than Lillian, who passed away for the second and final time.

Character Bonds Edit

Zellah Edit

Nip had his mind made up on Zellah pretty quickly. Prompted to distrust her nature, if not going so far as to dislike her, his opinion became decidedly more concrete after hearing of Aramil's demise from Aiko. In his eyes, her only saving grace is helping pull him to safety when trying to rescue Orro. This changed somewhat when Nip caused her to vanish in front of his eyes. She may not have been the nicest from his perspective, but she didn't deserve whatever he caused.

Aiko Edit

Perhaps the first member of the group Nip felt close to, it's a relationship born, on his end, out of regret for leaving her in a trapped room, knowing that she could well die there. The fact that she urged him to go makes it no easier on his conscience.

Mortarion Edit

At first little more than someone versed in magic, following recent events, Nip has come to view him as somewhat of a liability, for picking several unnecessary fights. Despite this, he has a silent admiration for Mortarions ability to handle his scythe.

Yue Edit

Having barely gotten to know Yue before her demise, he has little in the way of strong feelings about her. However, it was the first time he'd witnessed the death of a traveling companion, the continued exposure to which has sparked a desire to honour and avenge the fallen.

Princess Lillian Edit

Watching Lillian suffer death to a Minotaur pushed Nip over the line with all the recent losses suffered by the group. Having risen again, he felt glad that she'd been given a second chance, only to have to try and rescue her, unsuccesfully from an encounter with a dragon. With her second, and final death on his conscience, he has resolved to accomplish whatever it is she set out to do originally.

Naneth Edit

Having gotten a response from Naneth, a Goblin god of Oaths and Storms via prayer and then in a fight against what Nip viewed as insurmountable odds, he has begun to dedicate himself to the god, fighting in his name, in the hope that divine intervention will lead his companions down a better path.

Character Information Edit

Goals Edit

Kill stuff. Learn to be good. Honour or avenge dead friends.

Notable Items Edit

  • Single Human Finger
  • Greatsword
  • Greatclub
  • Lillians Shortsword
  • Javelins
  • Cultist Head
  • Lizardman Head
  • Dragon Eye

Abilities Edit

Nips Abilities

Racial Traits Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Fury of the Small
  • Nimble Escape

Additional Features Edit

  •  ???? - Disadvantage on all Charisma checks apart from Intimidation.
  • Wanderer

Class Abilities Edit

Class Features Edit
  • Rage
  • Unarmored Defense
  • Reckless Attack
  • Danger Sense
  • Path of the Zealot
  • Divine Fury
  • Warrior of the Gods
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