Princess Lillian Ivy was heir to the Ivy Kingdom throne. Lillian was robbed of ever ruling her Kingdom as it was destroyed by a great plague, one set maliciously. She lived her life in a search for the people responsible for killing her entire kingdom but sadly died on her quest.

She was played by Emma (Lady Hope)

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“We must gather what remains. We are the only ones who can carry their memory now, their legacy.”

Lillian Autumn Ivy was born to a Moon elven King on a breezing day in the autumn season 4000 moons ago. Her parents were King and Queen of the Ivy Kingdom, living based in the capital of Elleserea. Lillian grew up in a life of comfort and luxury but also craving more than the palace walls.

As Lillian aged, she dedicated herself to learning to arts of war, weaponry and the histories of battles past. Her father disapproved of her studies, wanting her to learn more about being a ruler than a warrior.

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She bore silver hair adorned with golden streaks that are luminescent under the moon's light. this was strange as her race normally had black hair, but silver was not totally uncommon. The golden highlights, however, had not been seen in a millennia.

Her skin bears the ivy birthmark of her heritage that twines around her body. As it grows, it symbolizes age. When the vines start to wither, the elf is dying.

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Despite her birth, she did not place herself above other folk. Lillian was the kind of ruler who truly cherished her Kingdom and its people, she wanted to protect them and avenge their deaths.

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