Sander is a Human Fighter. He is played by Marc Peasgood.

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Sander is a deceptively fair looking human, despite his background. His long black hair is kept in check by a simple green bandanna with a gold threaded trim. His deep blue eyes almost always seem to be frowning and judging those around him. His nose is rather narrow and pointed, and his lips are pale and very rarely smile. Sander has no facial hair at all.

In terms of attire, he wears chainmail of a style unlike that of the people of the kingdom due to the land that Sander hails from. It is green in color and is decorated with animal motifs.

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Sander is a Hunter. He hails from a far off land past the northern sea bordering the continent that our adventure takes place on. 

Much of his life was spent learning from his father and grandfather how to hunt beasts far larger than any normal man or woman would ever consider fighting. Beasts that shouldnt exist. But beasts that *do* exist. 

His people are tribal nomads, wandering the land and living for the thrill of the hunt. However, Sander would often come to blows with others in his tribe, over disputes about who would hunt what. It was because of this that Sander was cast out from his tribe.

With nobody but himself to rely on, Sander wandered the land, carving a bloody swath wherever he went out of rage, jealousy, sorrow and emptiness. He despised the fact that he was outcast yet there was nothing for him to do but prove to himself that he is the best hunter the world had ever seen, and so he sailed south in search of - what to his people would be - exotic beasts that would be more of a challenge for him. What he found instead would challenge him in ways he would never have imagined...

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  • Proficiency in the Sleight of Hand Skill
  • Polearm Master

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  • None

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  • Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting
  • Second Wind
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