Thia Nortaryl was one of the 20 Knights of the Order of Ivy, a Knight task force given the duty of protecting the Royal Ivy Family and its kin.

Her personal guard was mostly focused on the heir to the throne and the king's oldest daughter, Princess Lillian.

She was played by Emma. (Lady Hope)

She died in an alleyway, running after robbers, where her, Nip and Ilikan were ambushed. Thia died never being able to burry her love, Lillian.

Intro Edit

"Thia, Knight of The Order of Ivy at your service and ready for command."

Thia was born under the brightest Sunlight, what her mother says caused her golden eyes.Her father and mother ran a tavern in Elleserea, Thia grew up watching the joy that drinking and friendships could bring, but also the dark side of over consuming.

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Thia, though her stare can shake the core of any man, is regarded as beautiful. She has long silver hair, she usually keeps kept in a loose braid, with a wavy texture.

She has stunning golden eyes that people have said dull and shine depending on her emotion.

Thia also has small scars from past battles that can be seen in various places on her body, though some are hidden due to clothing.

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