Yue was a Human Artificer and a member of a group of adventurers mostly comprised of former mercenaries. She died on an adventure, came back as a ghost but was ultimately killed by the members of her group when she attacked them.

She was played by Emma. (Lady Hope)

Intro Edit

“Can you tell I don’t really get out much? Most of my time is spent telling people they aren’t dying it’s just allergies."

Yue has always had an affinity to know the explanation life itself. When she was a child her parents caught her hiding bugs away and noting how long they could live in certain conditions.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Yue was a tall, slim woman, her eyes are the color of tar. She had jet black hair to match which was normally tied in a bun on the top of her head. Her skin was a sallow skin tone a trait of her Mulan background on her mother's side. She kept her fingernails short and well manicured and no rings adorned her fingers. 

Personality Edit

Yue felt she needed to do everything in the name of science and medicine. She also took things a bit too seriously and didn't really understand emotions. 

Biography Edit

Background Edit

 As she grew she took in the teachings of others, to which she was dissatisfied with. They didn't answer her questions, the teachers were too scared to answer rather. So Yue started to experiment in the dead of night on bodies donated to the school. But dead bodies did not react right, they didn't react at all. Once school was done, Yue started visiting the slums of her town and the places no one would miss people. She would lure them in with sweet treats and hot meals, to their surprise those meals were their last. Yue recorded her work in a notebook she keeps by her side at all time. She even offered money to those desperate to donate parts. As time went on and more people started to disappear, suspicion arose onto the young doctor who seemed to aid no one. Her practice was discovered and Yue was forced to flee. She searched for new discoveries in the world of medicine and one day hoped her work would be praised. 

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